We are a group of experts with different experience and background related to social and regional management who are driven by the shared interest: respond to the necessity of community empowerment in the field of human and social development.


In our work, we emphasize the following principles:


• We work with and for people.

• We value local knowledge.

• We strength local capacities.

• We run projects together with communities.







Our work is focused on social and environmental management in hands with local communities, institutions and other relevant actors in a specific context. Our idea is to cooperate closely with private companies, public sector and civil society in order to strengthen their capacities for further development in a region.


The basis of our work is the interdisciplinary approach, employing of more than ten-year professional experience in the fields like social and environmental management, resettlement and risk management, impact evaluation and qualitative research, community development or urban planning in the national, regional and international context.


Imagine Consultants started with the idea to share and unite diverse experience of our consultants to professionalize, foster and develop common work in the field of social and regional management.


Given the shared vision of a territory as a result of social interactions, we are an interdisciplinary team of creative professionals with experience working in different countries such as Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, India, The Netherlands, Sweden, The Czech Republic or Balkan countries like Moldova and Serbia.




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Architect and Urbanist, specialized in Information Systems from The Netherlands, with experience in spatial analysis, assessment and planning in urban and regional context with emphasis on the use of GIS technology in order to foster local decision-making processes; First Price Winner at the urban design contest “Vertical Cities Asia 2012” with his urban renovation project of the YongSan District in Soul, South Korea.


Link: https://johnnytascon.wordpress.com/

Johnny Tascón Valencia



Urban Planning Consultant




Lenka Sobotova

(Czech Republic)


Social Development Consultant

and Researcher




Human Geographer and Urbanist with the degree in the International Development and more than eight-year experience in theᅠfield of development, project management and qualitative researchᅠwith emphasisᅠon participatory processes and community development; Author of several publications of her work done in India or Colombia, particularly focused on informality, affordable housing and social inclusion; Since 2013 working and living in Bogotá, Colombia.


Link a blog personal http://www.lenkasobotova.com/

Alba Ximena García



Social Management and Development Consultant




Architect and social manager specialized in project management with more than twelve-year experience like a consultant in development processes with national, regional and local actors in Latin American countries and Sweden; Professional with high creativity to define and set development strategies in complex and multilevel situations and with experience working with multiple stakeholders from public and private sector as well as civil society.

Fabio Díaz


Politólogo e investigador




Politólogo colombiano. Investigador Asociado de la Universidad de Rhodes en Sudáfrica, e investigador del Instituto de Estudios Sociales de la Universidad Erasmo de Rotterdam en los Países Bajos.


Jairo Andrés García


Consultor en identidad,

comunicación y diseño




Publicista especializado en gerencia de publicidad. Experiencia en investigación, planeación, concepto, diseño y producción de piezas de comunicación impresas, audiovisuales, digitales, virtuales y diseño de

espacios, procesos de creación y estandarización de marca en diferentes países, docencia entre otros.


Gonzalo Coral


Consultor en Gestión del Riesgo




Arquitecto, Especialista en Alta Gerencia. Consultor en gestión integral del riesgo de desastres, con conocimientos en procesos de construcción de saberes, reducción del riesgo, manejo de desastres y adaptación al cambio climático, con experiencia en asesoría y asistencia técnica territorial para el diseño y ejecución de acciones de reducción de riesgos y mitigación del cambio climático. Con veinte años de experiencia en organización comunitaria, procesos participativos, gestión de desarrollo territorial endógeno, sostenible y seguro. Comprometido en actividades de ayuda y asistencia humanitaria a comunidades étnicas en crisis por el conflicto interno colombiano.

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Given our experience and professional interest, we hope to join you and your colleagues to establish a team and help you to achieve your goals while sharing our skills, experience and capacities.


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